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WEBC Tournament 04 July 2022 - 08 July 2022



Please find details of the draws for the weeks play

Monday 04/07/22 Open Triples

Prize Money Per Team

1st £150  2nd £105  3rd/4th £30 (£60)


A1         M Morrison           Glencarse

A2         B Whyte                Crieff

A3         S Carr                   Bankfoot

A4        G Don                    Luncarty

A5        R Gifford               WEBC

B1        C Clark                  Kinnoull

B2        N Murdoch           WEBC  (Withdrawn)

B3        J Anton                Scone 

B4        S Lawrence         Bankfoot

B5        P McNicol           WEBC

C1       I Fisher                WEBC

C2       I Nicol                 Dunning

C3       M Flood              Perth

C4      L Rolt                  WEBC

C5      H Hutchison       WEBC

D1      A Robertson       Scone

D2      G Young              Almond Valley

D3      G Mill                   North Inch

D4      J Kellie                Dewars

D5      F Sandilands     WEBC

D6      R Haldane          Perth

Tuesday 05/07/22 Ladies 4 Bowl Pairs

Prize Money Per Team

1st £80  2nd £40  3rd/4th £15 (£30)

A1     J Robertson         Scone

A2      M Flood                Perth

A3      M Murdoch          WEBC (Withdrawn)

A4      L Rolt                   WEBC

A4      A Easson             Blairgowrie

B1      G Mill                   North Inch            

B2      A Rose                 WEBC

B3      B Wilkie               WEBC

B4      S O'Donnel         Balhousie

B5      M Rose               Almond Valley

C1      A Moffat             Perth

C2      K Rettie             WEBC

C3      S Hutchison      WEBC

C4     M Morrison        Glencarse

C5     K Kellas             Bankfoot 

Wednesday 06/07/22 Open 3 Bowl Pairs

Prize Money Per Team

1st £110  2nd £80 3rd/4th £20 (£40)

A1      C Stephen          Luncarty

A2      M Morrison        Glencarse

A3      R Haldane          Perth

A4      R Taylor             Aberfeldy

A5      P McNicol          WEBC

B1      A Robertson     Scone

B2      L Scott              Perth

B3      L Rolt                WEBC

B4      D Carswell        Scone

B5      H Hutchison     WEBC

B6      D Hunter           Perth

C1      C Clark              Kinnoull

C2      K Rettie             WEBC

C3      C Fawcett         WEBC

C4      A Rose              WEBC

C5      G Mill                North Inch

C6      R Gifford          WEBC

D1      G Don               Kinnoull

D2      J Anton            Scone

D3      F Sandilands    WEBC

D4      S Morris           WEBC

D5      L Mitchell         Almond Valley

Thursday 07/07/22 Gents 4 Bowl Pairs

Prize Money Per Team

1st £100  2nd £60  3rd/4th £15 (£30)

A1      G Young            Almond Valley

A2      C Clark              Kinnoull

A3      A Robertson     Scone

A4      J Sandilands    Perth

A5      H Hutchison     WEBC

A6      N Murdoch       WEBC (Withdrawn)

B1      I Fisher             WEBC

B2      I Nicol               Dunning

B3      P McNicol        WEBC

B4      C Murray          Dunning

B5      C Fawcett        WEBC

B6      G Duff              WEBC

C1      J Anton            Scone

C2      B Gray            WEBC

C3      R Gifford        Freuchie

C4      I Rolt              WEBC

C5      B Whyte        Crieff

C6      C Stephen    Luncarty

C7      G Don           Luncarty

Friday 08/07/22 Mixed Rink

Prize Money Per Team

1st £180  2nd £100 3rd/4th £40 (£80)

A1       G Don       Luncarty

A2       B Gray          WEBC

A3       I Rolt             WEBC

A4       J Kellie          Dewars

A5       S Sabbagh    Glencarse

A6       M Flood        Perth

B1      L Mitchell      Almond Valley

B2      M Morrison   Glencarse

B3      M Murdoch    WEBC (Withdrawn)

B4      G Mill             North Inch

B5      B Whyte         Crieff

B6      C Clark         Kinnoull

C1      A McClintock  Perth

C2      G Christie        Perth

C3      S Lawrence     Bankfoot

C4      A Robertson    Scone

C5      P McNicol        WEBC

C6      H Hutchison     WEBC      


Sorry to report that Bill Coulter has stepped down from running the tournament, the board would like to place on record and thank  Bill what he has done over numerous years of Organising and Co-Ordinating this event. Thank You Bill.

Hello and welcome to the news page for the Annual Tournament that will be held on the 1st week in July, Monday 4th thru Friday 8th.

Time will soon be upon us for the staging off our tournament. There are still several spaces available for those who wish to enter see below, but remember the closing date is the 31st May 2022.

The draws and format will be organised as soon as possible after the closing date.

Members are kindly requested to take raffle books and sell to family and friends.

Monday 3 Slots

Tuesday Womens Pairs 9 slots

Wednesday/Thursday/Friday 5 Slots

Please pass onto other clubs and see if we can have a full house, the closing date is and will remain as the 31/05/22

Entry forms are available in the Clubhouse and also from the Indoor Bowling @ The Dewars Centre

Closing Date for Entries is 31/05/22 PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF CLOSING DATE FOR ENTIES

Should the tournament be cancelled due to government restrictions, entry fees will be refunded

Start Time for play each day will be 09:15

Monday 4th Open Triples (24 Entries) Team Fee £15:00

Tuesday 5th Ladies Four-Bowl (24 Entries) Team Fee £10:00

Wednesday 6th Open Three-Bowl Pairs (24 Entries) Team Fee £10:00

Thursday 7th Gents Four-Bowl Pairs (24 Entries) Team Fee £10:00

Friday 8th Mixed Rinks (24 Entries) Team Fee £20:00

Club Colours or Greys and Whites must be worn

Snacks will be available on the day, unfortuneatly there will be no meals available as in previous years

There will be a Raffle, tickets will be available during the week and the draw will be made at the end of play on the Friday.

Raffle Tickets are now for sale in the club, Members are encouraged to take a couple off books away to sell to family and friends. 



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WEBC Tournament 04 July 2022 - 08 July 2022
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